General Education

Who and what influenced Hitler’s anti-Semitic views

1. Who and what influenced Hitler's anti-Semitic views?

2. How did anti-Semitism develop in the Christian world, from the early days of Christianity in Rome through the 18th century?

3. How did the status of Jews change in the late 18th and 19th centuries?

4. What occurred in the Nazi party during the early and mid-1920s?

5. Why were the first concentration camps opened?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What was the impact of Kristallnacht on the Jewish community?

2. How did the worldwide Depression lead to the growth of the Nazi party in Germany?

3. How did assimilation within the Jewish community impact anti-Semitism?

4. What factors contributed to Hitler's success within the Nazi party?

5. What was the purpose of reproductive policies in the Nazi state and how were these applied to different groups? 

1. Imagine you were a reporter who had been asked to write a news article on Kristallnacht. Write a two paragraph article on the events. Make sure to include information on what is happening, who it is happening to, and why it is happening.

2. What were the effects of Kristallnacht? Why is it an important event?

3. The video shows a menorah that was taken out of Germany by the man’s family. Why do you think pieces like this, along with other art, were targeted by Nazis for destruction? (Think beyond the metal it is made of).

4. In the article on bystanders, what point is the author trying to make? Do you agree or disagree with him?

5. While there were some people who did intervene during Kristallnacht, many people did not. Based on the two articles, why do you think so many people remained as bystanders?

6. In the video, the man discusses a doctor in Germany. Do you think the doctor was a bystander? Why or why not? Should he have done more to help Jewish individuals?

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