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UOP CIS290 Week 5 Assignment Computer Maintenance and Training Presentation


Week 5 Assignment  

Computer Maintenance and Training Presentation

* Includes the Presentation version PLUS a BONUS Handbook version! = A +*

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide presentation based on the Learning Team Collaborative discussions throughout this course–including images as necessary–using the following scenario:

Your team is in charge of computer support at a major U.S. retailer. Business has been growing fast, and your company is about to open several new facilities across the country. Management has asked your team to develop training materials for new IT employees at these facilities. After some consideration, your team decides to create a computer maintenance and training handbook that addresses the following issues:

Part I: Safety (3 to 4 slides)

Environmental Concerns

Power Protection

Dust, Static, and Heat Issues

Downloading Unauthorized Software

Part II: Maintenance and Cleaning (3 to 4 slides)


Monitor or Display



Part III: Internal Hardware Installation (3 to 4 slides)


Power supply

Processor and CPU fan


Hard Drives

Installing a Video or Graphics card

Mass Storage Device

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