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UOP CIS207 Week 3 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

CIS207 Information Systems Fundamentals

Week 3 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

Place the different types of computer networks in size order, ranging from smallest to largest.

__________ are high speed central networks to which multiple smaller networks connect

Watch the following video and answer the question below. Networks enable organizations to meet rapidly changing business conditions.

Watch the following video and answer the question below. A network that connects computing devices within the same building is

Watch the following video and answer the question below. A high-speed network that connects a firm’s LANs and WANS is

The following can be considered as broadband technologies (choose all that are correct):

A collection of the following devices — two desktop computers, three laptops, two smart phones and a printer — can be described as a(n):

A legacy IT system can be easily transferred to cloud computing.

Least privilege is a concept associated with ___________________.

Safe harbors address the concerns associated with __________.

Anonymity on the internet enhances the problems associated with _______.

Web services are applications delivered over ______________ that MIS professionals can select and combine through almost any device.

A collection of web services constitutes a ___________.

Which of the following is NOT a web service protocol?

_______ describes how data should look on a web site; ______ describes data being exchanged between business partners.

__________ is a set of rules that define how messages can be exchanged among different network systems and applications through the use of XML.

__________ is used to create the XML document that describes the tasks performed by the various web services.

_________ is a registry for searching web services.

Utility computing service providers charge a flat rate for the computer services they provide.

The US-China Safe Harbor is a streamlined process for US companies to comply with the Chinese directive on the protection of personal data.

PCI compliance addresses reliability issues in cloud computing.

HTML and XML are both used to design web pages.

The traditional IT department

In cloud computing, multiple virtual servers can be created on a single physical server.

All of the following are cloud computing security issues except

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