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UOP CIS207 Week 2 Discussion

CIS207 Information Systems Fundamentals

Week 2 Discussion

Discussion Question: Information System Components

Materials: Computer Requirements website and BrowserHawk

Computer Information Systems whether they are personal or corporate have four main components: hardware,

software, data, and network.

Describe these components for the system that you use to access Explain why you selected these

components. To be sure that you have the minimum standards to access University resources, go to the Home tab, select the Help icon, select Technology Requirements, and run BrowserHawk.

Discussion Question: Information System Architecture

In today's environment, companies have several options as to where they locate each component of an information system. These options can be confusing to management.

Put yourself in the position of an IT Professional and explain to a manager where the following components can reside given the current system architecture and why this option is beneficial and/or risky. Make sure you use terms that a non-technical user would understand.

• Thin client like Chromebook

• Managed Service

• Software as a Service

Discussion Question: Network Protection and Alternatives

Since access to the network is critical to your success as a student, describe your current network environment and how you would respond if it went down. After reading and discussing this week, how do you think a Network Administrator in a large company would respond? Be sure to defend your response. 

Discussion Question: Network Terminology

Business users are often confused by the network terms that IT professionals use when talking about communications between systems. Using the information in Ch. 6 of Introduction to Information Systems, explain the following terms using examples that a non-IT person would understand.




Packet Switching


Discussion Question: : IT Systems

How is information used in the modern enterprise? How does this use affect IT systems?


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