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UOP CIS207 Week 1 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

CIS207 Information Systems Fundamentals

Week 1 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of central management of information systems in the University System of Georgia?

The University System of Georgia’s CIO believes the best way to collaborate with 31 independent-minded university CIO’s is to look for scenarios where three to five universities are planning to purchase the same product and therefore can consolidate their buying or centralize their service. One specific example of how the CIO utilized this strategy to resolve a problem was to develop a centralized system for _________.

All _______ are ____________.

____________ is developed through learning and is the experience and expertise that managers can apply to business problems.

In the following table, column A is _____, column B is _____, and column C is ______.

As you are walking to the cafeteria to pick up your lunch, you see a poster with the word “apple” on it with a picture of an apple below it. This is ____.

The IT infrastructure is ___________.

___________ are the “capstone” information systems in an organization.

___________ handle tactical decisions.

__________ analysis involves identifying the best advertising channels.

Warby Parker can offer cheaper glasses than their competition because they _______.

Warby Parker is competitor of __________.

Watch the following video and answer the question below.

IT decreases the number of employees who can report to a single manager.

Chevron employed ________ to provided detailed work instructions to its employees.

Chevron initially utilized ___________ to improve their supply chain, followed by employee-driven ________ initiatives, and then adopted a unified _____ approach to standardize business processes.

Chevron has used _________, a methodology that combines statistical process analysis with techniques to eliminate waste and improve process flow, since 2006.

Organizations adopt BPI to sustain BPM over time.

Chevron’s strategy was to analyze its existing processes to identify specific areas to improve.

A(n) __________ refers to a small number of companies that dominate the business and are making large margins.

IT has changed the manager’s job in many ways. Which of the following is NOT the result of this change?

Which of the following is TRUE?

Which company used software to disrupt the previous market-leading companies in the book industry?

Which of the following is a fast-growing company that is disrupting the traditional job recruiting industry?

Which industry is currently using drones as part of its business model?


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