General Education

UOP BUS475 Week 5 Supporting Activity

BUS475 Integrated Business Topics

Week 5 Supporting Activity

Just for Fun – Part 1

If you could meet any business leader in the world, from any time period, whom would you select?  Why would you want to meet this person?  What questions would you ask him/her?  What could this person teach us that would be helpful today?

Just for Fun – Part 2

Knowing that strategic planning is the ability to evaluate the past, understand the present, and predict the future, which one do you think most executives have more trouble with:  evaluating the past, understanding the present or predicting the future? Why?

Communications and Strategic Plan

Describe traditional control systems and contemporary control systems.  What are the main differences between these two systems? What are the main advantages of the contemporary control system over traditional?

Strategic Decision-Making

Strategic management case analysis is one method of learning how companies analyze problems, make decisions, and resolve challenges. Describe the five steps involved in conducting a case analysis.  Who has responsibility for ensuring effective strategic decisions are being made?  Who has accountability?


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