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UOP BUS475 Week 4 Supporting Activity

BUS475 Integrated Business Topics

Week 4 Supporting Activity

Spotlight Strategy

As it relates to strategy, you might find this (spotlight strategy 1.2) particularly interesting.  It has relevance, I believe, for any organization, as it described being alert and taking time to recognize any opportunities beyond the confines of one's job.

Leadership Characteristics   –  Class, seven attributes that enable good leadership have been described–vision, performance, principles, education of subordinates, perseverance, passion, and leader selection/development. Which one have you found to be the most meaningful to you in the leaders you respond to the best?

Communications and Strategic Plan

Class, has your current (or former) organization's strategic plan been communicated to you?  If so, how and by whom?  If not, how would such communication improve your organizational effectiveness?  Is it important for employees to know the strategic plan of a company?  Why or why not?

Fostering Innovation

Class, considering products where the life cycle is nearing an end, having a pipeline of innovative, new products and services may be critical to organizational viability.

All, does your organization (or one you are familiar with) have an environment that supports perceived opportunities and allows one to fail?  Please explain

Performance Management Systems and Process

Class, the speaker in this video has many years of experience in implementing and assessing performance management systems. 

All, considering the performance management system in place at your current (or former) employer, do you believe the system is effective?  Why/why not?

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