General Education

UOP BUS211 All Weeks Discussions

BUS211 Foundations Of Business

Week 1 Discussion  

DQ1 Supply & Demand

Discuss how the laws of supply and demand operate together to determine the price at which products will be sold in a market. Please give an example.

DQ2 Business History & Economic Systems

Describe how business has evolved from feudalism, mercantilism, and capitalism. Compare and contrast capitalism with a planned economy, and mixed economy.


BUS211 Foundations Of Business

Week 2 Discussion  

DQ1 Efficient and Effective

Compare and contrast being efficient and effective in managment. Which is better and why?

DQ2 Business Commerce Laws

Name and discuss the 4 main types of laws affecting business commerce. Why were U.S. laws governing trade and commerce initially passed? What is the importance of U.S. laws governing trade and commerce in a capatislist business environment.


BUS211 Foundations Of Business

Week 3 Discussion  

DQ1 Leadership & Motivation

Please differentiate between the four main approaches to leadership.  In your opinion does effective leadership involves matching a leadership approach to the characteristics of employees and the work situation? Why or why not?

DQ2 Organizational Design and Culture

Discuss why organizational structure and culture are important determinants of a company’s ability to pursue a profitable business model. Give an example of an open and closed organizational structure and their impact on organizational culture.





BUS211 Foundations Of Business

Week 4 Discussion  

DQ1 Information Resource

List and describe the 4 factors that determine the usefulness of information.  What is the the relationship between information, knowledge, and learning? How does this contribute to an organization's success?

DQ2 Human Resource

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external employee recruitment? Under what circumstance might you employ internal and external employee recruitment?


BUS211 Foundations Of Business

Week 5 Discussion  

DQ1 Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Compare and contrast Hofstede's cultural dimensions. Where do you think the United States falls in Hofstede's cultural dimensions and and what are the ramifications?

DQ2 Business Principles

In your opinion, what are the 3 core business principles learned in this course? Why did you choose these principles?

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