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UOP BUS210 Week 7 Assignment Checkpoint The Impact of HRM

BUS210 Foundations Of Business

Week 7 Assignment

Checkpoint: The Impact of HRM

Includes 2 Options for your new imaginary company.

Paper #1 Option: 360 words

Paper #2 Option: 468 words

Paper #3 Option: 647 words

BONUS ESSAY (A Critical Evaluation of the Relative Importance of One of the Key HR Functions and Its Role in Effective HRM in Organizations Today, with Reference to HRM Models and Theories): 2,530 words

**BOTH Companies are Brand New / Never Used Companies (as of December 2015).

Your manager has asked you to draft a proposal for improving the management of human resources in your company. You may use your present or a past workplace for this assignment. This is an opportunity to practice persuasive writing.

Identify one change that would benefit the HR department and the company. What aspect of HRM does it apply to? Write a brief proposal or persuasive paragraph [200 – 300-words]  that explains the need, your proposed solution, and the benefit to the HR department and the entire company. What is the profit or bottom-line benefit?

Explain your answer in a 200- to 300-word academic writing style response.

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