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UOP BUS210 Week 5 Assignment Contingency Theory of Leadership

BUS210 Foundations Of Business

Week 5 Assignment

Contingency Theory of Leadership

Appendix D

Includes 3 Options for this assignment:

Paper #1 Option: Supportive Approach / Thrift Store / Words: 416

Paper #2 Option: Achievement-Oriented Approach / Military Dining Hall / 655 words

Paper #3 Option: Directive Approach / Gas Station/ Words: 431

**ALL Companies are Brand New / Never Used Companies (as of June 2015).

Resource: Ch. 6 of Introduction to Business

Complete Appendix D by using figures 6.3 & 6.4 on pp. 182–183 as a guide. Describe a real or hypothetical workplace situation.

Include in your description information about the job knowledge and skill level of the leader and the follower [boss and subordinate; parent and child].

Describe the components of the contingency theory of leadership as they apply to the work situation you described. Conclude with your recommendation for the best leadership approach for the leader to use.

Use the Grading Rubric for this work in the Course Materials Forum to guide your preparation.


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