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Strayer BUS519 2020 JULY Week 1 Quiz Latest

1.            Which of the following is an enterpris... influence how projects are conducted?

 2.           You are a project manager for Tech Per...hly affected by stakeholder influence?

 3.           Which of the following processes inclu...budget, and work flow for the project?

4.            Ben is the project manager of the YHT ...urate about when project risk happens?

5.            For successful and timely completion, ...influence the overall project outcome?

6.            Which of the following process groups contains the lowest number of processes?

7.            Which of the following is a set of pro...usiness objectives in an organization?

8.            Which of the following is an example of an intangible element in business value?

9.            Which of the following phases includes...oject performance, changes, and risks?

10.          Which of the following phases monitors...iance from the plan and to correct it?

11.          In what portion of a project are risk ...nning and anticipation of risk events?

12.          Which of the following is a hierarchic... a person with expertise in that area?

13.          Fran is the project manager in her org...t. Fran is a part of what type of PMO?

14.          Which of the following is a temporary ... a unique product, service, or result?

15.          You work as the project manager for Bl...e project, what is likely to increase?

16.          Your project's key stakeholders want y...a chart are you being asked to create?

17.          Which of the following are the types o...f the solution. Choose all that apply

18.          What is the project life cycle?

19.          Which of the following is the discipli...specific project goals and objectives?

20.          Which of the following stages occurs a...he business needs in measurable goals?

21.          Which of the following process groups ...o formally close the project or phase?

22.          Your organization has a project that i...creases when you fast track a project?

23.          You work as a project manager for uCer...rams will you use to achieve the task?

24.          Which of the following is a preliminar...e project's value to the organization?

25.          All of the following are true relationships except for which one?


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