General Education

Some possibilities include emerging software or hardware technologies

For the final presentation, you are to create a narrated PowerPoint presentation with at least 10 slides about a technology of your choice.

  1. Some possibilities include emerging software or hardware technologies (other than telemedicine), trends in computing, digital work processes, or robotics. Choose something that excites you, research it, explain how it will be used in health information management, and defend it as an important emerging technology in the field. Imagine that you will be presenting your research to a group of individuals who are completely unfamiliar with the technology and may be skeptical about its potential use in healthcare.
  2. At a minimum, your presentation should include a description of the technology, a list of companies developing the technology, and an examination of any obstacles that need to be addressed before the technology becomes widely used in healthcare.
  3.  Provide 10 slides of content. The title slide and the reference list slide(s) do not count in the slide count (10 content slides are required). Only plagiarism free work will be accepted. Please cite your sources.

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