General Education

Social/Politic Science Paper

Social/Politic Science Paper

The topic of President Trump Election and it's affects on immigrants. The paper focus is how this affects individuals and groups across their life course.

1. Abstract

2. Analyze how lifespan development and specific populations were affected by the event.

3. Explore risk and protective factors throughout the lifespan.

4. Application of the multidimensional approach. In this section be specific in discussion of dimensions of person (biological, psychological and spiritual), time (linear, chronological, historic) and environment (family, small group, formal organizations, social movements, etc.) Students should identify one aspect from each dimension: person, time and environment. 

Application of two theoretical perspectives to explain how the event impacted diverse populations. 

? Systems 

? Developmental 

? Psychodynamic 

? Humanistic 

? Social Behavioral 

? Exchange and Choice

? Conflict 

? Social Constructionist

5. Implication for practice. In this section, apply social work ethics and values in addressing the needs to the population who experienced the event.  

6. Conclusion.

7.  Use of Hutchinson text and SIX peer-reviewed articles to support your response.

8.  Paper is written in THIRD Person and must be no more than EIGHT pages long. This does not include the cover and reference page.

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