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Capella NURS4020 Assessment 1 Latest 2020

u01a1] Enhancing Quality and Safety For this assessment, you will develop a 3-5 page paper that examines a safety quality issue pertaining to medication administration in a health care setting. You will analyze the issue and examine potential evidence-based and best-practice solutions from the literature as well as the role of nurses and other stakeholders in addressing the issue. Health care organizations and professionals strive to create safe environments for patients however, due to the complexity of the health care system, maintaining safety can be a challenge. Since nurses comprise the largest group of health care professionals, a great deal

VBA has played a special and notorious role in the cyber security

 VBA has played a special and notorious role in the cyber security world for several years.  Conduct research into VBA and its role in malware, and identify some techniques for using VBA in a secure manner. Prepare a quality, substantive journal post that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.  300 words minimum is required.  Use APA format Use at least two credible sources. Purchase this Tutorial @ 8.00

Discussion 1&2 – Describe the differences between bus, ring, star

Discussion 1   After reading this week's materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions. 1. Describe the differences between bus, ring, star and mesh topologies.  2. Explain the TCP/IP Model in terms of functions at each layer. How do the layers map to the OSI Model layers? 3. The Transport layer provides two service protocols: UDP and TCP. Explain the differences between the two protocols in terms of guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed service and connection-oriented versus connection-less communication. 4. Describe the different WLAN standards within the 802.11 family. What is a rogue access point?