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Purdue PA230 2019 December Unit 2 Quiz Latest

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PA230 Introduction To Legal Technology

Unit 2 Quiz

Question 1 Which of the following prevents the disclosure of confidential information as evidence:

Question options:

conflict of interest

claim of privilege

duty of candor

duty of fairness

Question 2 The term that refers to a person authorized to act on behalf of another is:

Question options:





Question 3 This doctrine provides a limited protection for material prepared by the attorney, in anticipation of litigation or for trial.

Question options:

work product

stare decisis


in camera


Question 4 Which of the following is true?

Question options:

Confidentiality is an ethical obligation; privilege is a rule of evidence.

Confidentiality is a rule of evidence; privilege is a rule of evidence.

Confidentiality is an ethical obligation; privilege is an ethical obligation.

Confidentiality is a rule of evidence; privilege is an ethical obligation.

Question 5 Ethics are the minimally accepted standards of conduct in a profession. For lawyers, ethics are determined by state law, which is primarily based on the following:

Question options:

The Model Rules of Professional Conduct

The Federal Rules of Evidence

The Federal Rules of Judicial Conduct

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Question 6 The supervising attorney will suffer any sanctions that result from a failure of the members of the legal team to follow and enforce the ethical rules.

Question options:



Question 7 Inadvertent disclosure of confidential information:

Question options:

is admissible in court.

may be admissible in court depending on the rule adopted in the jurisdiction.

is inadmissible if the attorney promptly tries to retrieve it.

is not admissible in court.

Question 8 Ethical guidelines require lawyers to provide competent representation. In the technology age, lawyers need to be able to communicate with clients:

Question options:

about how electronic documents are created

the sources of electronic documents

the methods used to retrieve the documents

all of the above

Question 9 Another phrase used to describe a virtual law practice is:

Question options:


Trusts and Estates

Domestic Relations

Civil Litigation

Question 10 The use of the Internet and other forms of electronic communication do not change the rules regarding the unauthorized practice of law.

Question options:



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