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PU660 Unit 8 – Global Health eLearning center 

PU660 Unit 8

Part 1: Go to the Global Health eLearning center and register for an account if you do not already have one. Once you have registered, complete the following trainings and earn a certificate:

  • Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
  • Essential Steps for improving newborn survival
  • Improving the lives of young vulnerable children and their caregivers
  • Pneumonia

Part 2: Compose a short 4–6 page narrative. The narrative will contain two sections but be contained in one document. Narrative should be written in APA format including a cover page, running head, proper headings to identify the various topics, and a full APA reference list. Cover page and reference list are not included in the page count.

Section I: Overview what you learned in all the trainings completed in the course. Use the training names as side headings and write approximately one paragraph overviewing each of the trainings completed in Units 1–8 AND the training you completed for the Unit 7 discussion.

Section II: For each topic included in the training for Unit 8 (you do not need to include the Unit 1–7 training as part of Section II – only the four trainings completed in Unit 8 and listed above), apply the appropriate epidemiological principles in order to quantify the problem, analyze contributing factors and recommend evidence-based solutions. 

Upload your completed work to the Unit 8 Dropbox. You should upload all documents as separate attachments, each clearly labeled with your last name and the name of the unit and the training. Certificates that do not include a name or date on the certificate will receive no credit. Files that are submitted as an addition to the original submission after grades have posted will not be accepted. All work from Units 3–8 will be submitted and graded in Unit 8. Be sure to review the Rubric for grading inclusion and criteria.

All papers will be submitted to TurnItIn for plagiarism review.

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