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N682 Module 8 Discussion Latest 2020

N682 School Nursing

Module Discussion 8

Discussion Question:

Choose one of the following prompts:

The school where you work has a high incidence of teenage pregnancy. Who could you collaborate with in your community to help you manage the student? Name 2 different groups and how they might collaborate with you. Which HIPAA/FERPA rules need to be considered? What if the students ask you not to tell their parents? What are the laws in your state? How would you support the students so they could stay in school?


Journal Club.

Wood, R. J., Drolet, J. C., Fetro, J. V., Synovitz, L. B., & Wood, A. R. (2002). Residential adolescent substance abuse treatment: Recommendations for collaboration between school health and substance abuse treatment personnel. The Journal of School Health, 72(9), 363-7.

1.         Discuss the purpose of the article.

2.         Synthesize the information and give an overview of the article.

3.         Examine and describe the information and list two-three items that would be useful for the School Nurse to be aware of in their practice.

4.         Discuss how this information contributes to an evidence-based practice.

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