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Military Social Work – Effects On The Family

Military Social Work- Effects On The Family

The effects of traumatic reactions on the family can be many, and the intensity to which they are experienced can vary. Families do not always know what their loved one is experiencing or why they came home different from when they left. Supporting the family is a critical aspect for helping professionals who plan to work with active duty military personnel and veterans.

For this Discussion, consider the effects of PTSD on the family and the support services you might recommend.


Post an explanation of two effects PTSD can have on a military family or the family of a veteran. Explain how these effects can perpetuate the active duty military personnel’s symptoms. Finally, as a social worker, explain what services you would most likely recommend and explain why.

Be sure to support your post with specific references to the resources. If you are using additional articles, be sure to provide full APA-formatted citations for your references.

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