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How to integrate IT (or e-Commerce) pricing strategies

TOPIC: the video on pricing in e-Commerce.  Apply the critical points to your view on how to integrate IT (or e-Commerce) pricing strategies into the business.Marketing plan & sales strategy is critical in the success or failure of a business. Everything supports the vision. That’s the key in retailing and must reinforce the central concept you’re trying to convey to your target market, including your product lines, the customer service you offer, architectural design, the hours you’re open, even the type of bags you use. For example, Website is a major marketing vehicle, it must be friendly, in multiple languages, currencies, metric system, customer support for various zones with special landing pages for each country that understand cultural norms and values, and using social media, buy ad word targeting a specific country.____________________________________________________________________________________Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).


Your initial post of 200-300-words, in APA format, supported by at least one other reference besides the textbook.  Your response to TWO of your classmates of 150-200 words in APA format.You will be graded using the following rubric and standards.

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