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How it is your turn, You are the hiring manage

How it is your turn: You are the hiring manager, and it is time to choose someone to add to your team. The open position is as a customer service representative handling escalated calls from customers who are upset with their experience with your organization.

You have interviewed dozens of applicants and gone through all of the stages of your hiring process, and now you are down to the following final two candidates:

  • Susan Candidate: Interviewing her was incredible. You ask how she would handle angry customers, and she delivers a well-crafted answer. At times, though, in the interview, you feel she is rehearsed and you notice on her resume that she hasn’t held a job with one organization for very long before going on to the next.
  • Kate Applicant: On paper, she looks great. She has stability, and she has received awards at her current employer doing a similar job. However, throughout the interview process, she has stumbled and struggled to answer questions fully. Your follow-up questions with her do not seem to help; instead, they seem to make her more nervous than she already is.

So, whom do you choose?

Write an e-mail summary to your boss. The e-mail should include the name of your candidate and the reason you chose her.


120-170 words

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