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Discussion Ethics – Santos is an 18 year-old Hispanic

Discussion Ethics

Read the following case vignette and respond to the questions, using specific ethical codes from ACA's or AMHCA's code of ethics.


Santos is an 18 year-old Hispanic male who will be graduating from a suburban high school. Santos has contemplated attending a community college, but he admits this idea was more so to please his mother rather than following his own interests. Even with putting forth minimal effort, Santos earned mostly B’s in high school and he is of mid-to-high intelligence. Santos tells you he is excited to pursue a warehouse position with a local distributor that he knows about through a friend where he will make $800/week. Santos tells you he is looking forward to making good enough money to move out of his parents’ home and live on his own. Santos tells you his mother is getting to him in that she insists he pursue college so that he “has a chance to make something of himself.” Santo's mother calls you and leaves you a voicemail asking you to convince Santos to attend college.

· 1. How might you work with Santos in this dilemma?

· 2. What ethical considerations would inform your actions?

· 3. Use specific ethical codes to support your responses.

4. Two (2) – 1 paragraph responses engaging in respectful discussion about the potential issues surrounding ethics. 

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