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Devry MGMT303 2020 JULY Week 4 Assignment Latest

MGMT303 Principles of Management

Week 4 Assignment  


Complete the training exercises on CapSim. You will be unable to use the simulation correctly without this preparation.

Confirm that you can connect to CapSim's CapSimCore simulation for the course.

Complete training exercises and tutorial videos as specified below.

Beginner training

Intermediate training

Advanced training

Enter and save decisions for your company for each of the practice rounds scheduled this week.

Review the simulation report before making decisions for each round.

Review the simulation report after each round has processed. What went well? What didn't? What can you do to improve your company's position next round? Post in the next week's discussion.

Complete practice rounds as scheduled by your professor. Regardless of the score in these practice rounds, every student who fully participates receives full credit. If the practice rounds are not completed, no credit is awarded.

Please take a screen capture of your final screen showing completion of training. Upload your screen capture for grading.

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