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Devry CARD405 2020 JULY Week 3 Assignment LINKEDIN EPROFILE Latest

CARD405 Career Development

Week 3 Assignment  


This week, we are focusing on your digital presence as part of your networking, job advancement, or job search toolkit. Many employers utilize social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, as a means of obtaining new employees. This is why it is so important to present a positive image on the internet.

For this week's assignment, you will be required to create a professional LinkedIn account.

To Begin

If you do not have a LinkedIn account already, you will need to sign up for one.

Once you have an account, you will need to build your public profile.

For this assignment, you must include the following items in your profile.

A professional photo (check to be sure that it is set to be public)

A headline message that is geared toward your target job

LinkedIn grants you 120 characters in which to write a headline about yourself.

Refer to your brand identity and mission statement to develop this.

A work, volunteer, and education history that is focused toward your target job

Screenshot* of your membership (or pending membership request) in one group that pertains to your selected target job

Screenshot* of your network connection (or pending network connection request) with one leader in a field that relates to the selected target job

Once complete, you will need to submit the public link to your LinkedIn profile.

Copy and paste the two screenshots* plus the link to your LinkedIn profile into a Word file named eProfileYourLastName.docx.

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