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BSN415 2020 JULY Module 7 Final Project Latest

BSN415 Nursing Management Strategies

Module 7 Final Project  

Management Orientation Program Proposal

For this final project, you have the opportunity to create a proposal to present to the leadership team for the orientation of new nurse managers. This project will include the creation of an orientation plan in a PowerPoint presentation.  Leadership and management topics will be selected to support the nurse manager as he or she transitions into the new role.  Look back at our coursework and readings from the last 7 weeks to compile specific topics to support a new nurse manager as they get acclimated to the organization or unit. APA citations expected.  Follow PowerPoint format guidelines for layout and bulleted key points.

Your proposal should include:

Introductory and concluding remarks

Slides that identify 8 specific topics to support the new nurse manager

Learning objectives for the lesson(s)

Speaker notes that include:

the rationale for including each topic with a synthesis of professional literature

recommendation of internal and or external materials for each topic

recommendation of a facilitator for each topic

a rationale listing why the materials and facilitator(s) are the most appropriate choice for that topic

Two or more scholarly resources to support the rationales

You may use this outline template to help organize your resources. You should use this PowerPoint template to build your presentation.

Final Project Rubric

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