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BSN415 2020 JULY Module 2 Assignment Latest

BSN415 Nursing Management Strategies

Module 2 Assignment  

After completing the Resolving Conflict course, reflect on what you learned by creating a VoiceThread or a written essay.  Discuss how your new knowledge and/or skills can be applied to your practice. Your reflection should incorporate the five following concepts:

Preserve relationships

Recognize and manage the sources of conflict

Recognize and respond to conflicts

Resolve conflicts with difficult people

Develop communication skills to resolve conflicts

References are not required for this reflection. APA format is required for page set up for essay or PowerPoint.

If you choose to submit a VoiceThread, start in PowerPoint, use key bullet points without paragraphs, and include voice narration of slides (see the VoiceThread links in this Module). Be sure to share the VoiceThread with this course.

If you choose to write an essay for this assignment, submit it below.

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