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Assignment 2 – Positioning Statement

Business Positioning And Branding

Assignment 2: Positioning Statement

· Develop advertising messages targeted to your customer. (CO4)

For this assignment create a positioning statement by assessing the questions outlined by Lumen Learning Principles of Marketing: Module 8:

1. "Who are you trying to persuade? (Who is your target segment?)" (Assess the target market, this was outlined in Assignment 1.)

2. "Who are you competing with? (Who are your competitors? What is your major product category? What frame of reference will customers use in making choices?)" (Evaluate at least 2 competitors.)

3. "How are you better? (What is your uniqueness, your competitive advantage, your point of difference? Do you have any attribute or benefit that dominates competitors?)" (Assess your business venture. It is time to brag.)

4. From the responses in questions 1-3, create a positioning statement of at least 1-2 sentences (no more than 4 sentences). You want a well-developed positioning statement that reflects the information outlined in your responses to questions 1-3.

5. The assignment should be 2-3 pages (excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages) and follow APA formatting.

6. Support your statements with at least two peer-reviewed resources (excluding textbooks). Cite your sources in APA format.


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