General Education

Advertising and the Eskimo

Your assignment is to compose a response of approximately 250 words addressing these questions. You should aim to craft your answer as one complete response, rather than a list of answers to each question. 

Titled “Advertising and the Eskimo.” As you read the post and look over the images of products that feature Eskimos (in either the product name or its packaging, consider the following:  (advertising and the eskimo)


 • How have images of the Inuit people been used in advertising through the examples given?       What is the ideology underlying these images? 

• Why does looking at older advertisements sometimes help us see ideology better than looking at contemporary ads? 

• Does this mean such depictions have disappeared? Why or why not? • Give an example of another ad that uses (or used) images of foreign or “exotic” people or lands? Who is that ad directed at and what is the ad’s message?

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