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Accounting Homework Help

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The balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement are three crucial financial statements that are prepared in accounting. A fourth statement, known as shareholders’ equity, is also present, but it is only formed when it is absolutely necessary and not otherwise. 

Consider a very tiny business with two or three partners and no sizable shareholders. In that instance, the accounting department will expend time and effort on creating a shareholder equity statement.

These financial statements are created in accordance with specific accounting principles that are used by a variety of global sectors.


What Are The Key Accounting Concepts? 


Principle of revenue recognition 

This idea focuses on the timing of when we should enter revenue into our books of accounts. The straightforward rule is that we should only report income after it has been earned, never before. 

We are unable to report income if a business has delivered a good or service to a customer but has not yet been paid. Only when the payment has been received will we record it. 

Matching principle 

The key idea behind this idea is to record expenses as soon as they are incurred. This means that if a business has a cost in January, it should only be reported in January’s books of accounts. It cannot be entered into February or any other month’s books. 

Going-concern theory 

The going concern principle is based on the notion that the business will carry on operating in the future. This implies that we shouldn’t enter any asset or liability that the company won’t use for a few years into the books of accounts. We cannot register a company’s acquisition of a machine that it will use for the next five years, for instance. 

Cost theory 

The main idea behind this notion is to record assets and costs at their initial cost. The assets and expenses cannot be recorded at their current market value as a result. They must be recorded at the cost they incurred or were paid for.  

Materiality principle 

The main idea behind this idea is to record the material information seen in the financial accounts. This means that the financial statements shouldn’t contain any unnecessary information. The financial statements should contain information that can influence the users’ decisions on those statements. 

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